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Photography is a critical part of your brand, and image, here at Sights & Sounds we specialize in taking the pictures you need to expose your brand to the right market and build your brand with the right image as well.


With lots of experience photographing Artists and their performances,along with the Venue connections in order to take advantage of being able to be right next to them at Events, our Artists get once in a lifetime priceless exposure.



With an award winning photographer on staff with over 130 Magazines and Covers to his credit, and Billboard ad campaigns for numerous Casino and Nightclub Properties in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other cities, our staff can provide the best photos available at any price. Whether you need new headshots, promo pictures, billboard or magazine photos, our team is not only available, they can’t be matched, at any price.


With lots of experience at red carpet events and candid moment photos designed to showcase your event and its attendees, our team makes sure to not cover your events, but make you look your very best while doing it.  



Because of the breadth of experience we have in house, our staff also specializes in special events, whether it’s a wedding, artistic or conceptual photos, we can deliver. From people to vehicles, to diamonds, our team can assist you with not only finding a way to best brand and market your product, we can also deliver the images you need to make it a success.


Because of connections with Radio and all other Media, our Artists and Clients can gain maximum exposure for all of their releases and product launches, so that they can gain maximum results for themselves and their efforts.

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