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Artist Development, Publicity,

and Brand Management

At Sights & Sounds we pride ourselves in helping develop our artists in all facets of their careers. With a broad base in Video production, Photography (both artistic and print), PR, Branding, Social Media and Artist Development, (both personal and professional). It's our goal to give our artists the tools to be successful not just in business, but in life as well.


As a management company, we encourage our artists to fulfill their goals and set new ones. As an ongoing process, Artist Development starts with helping our artists find their particular niches, and giving them the environment to help them be creative and excell. Whether it is placing them with the right musicians, producers and DJs or helping them complete their projects, give them venues to perform and placing their music where it can be heard by the right people, we place our artists first, and help guide and protect them as they navigate from the initial stages of artist development to stardom.



One of the foremost pillars to an artist's success is publicity. The best song or act in the world won't help an artist if they can't place themselves at the right venues to be heard, interviews to be listened to and be seen, and have the right people tell their audiences that they should take a moment to stop and listen. Because of our close connections to the entertainment community, radio, magazine, and internet, we can not only help our artists brand themselves, we can help expose them to their markets to give them the best chance of success possible. In addition, with our full service production company, complete with videography, photography, lighting, and post production, we help our artists in areas that other companies cannot, eliminating the need for outsourcing and making a consistent quality of product across all aspects of an artist's brand.


Brand Management

Because branding has become such an important aspect of artist management and artist development, we also maintain and in-house brand development and social media management team. Based on almost a decade of hard won expertise in this challenging arena, our experts help our artists and clients develop a successful brand as well as  social media presence while building their online brand marketability and maintaining the ability to be approachable to their fans and prospective clients.


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