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Born in Hinesville Georgia, October 2, 1977

Ion's father was a Military man and his mother is a CPA. They moved to San Diego, California in 1979 and divorced by 1981. Ion lived with his mother until 1987 when he then started living with his father. Living with my father he was surrounded by music, either playing on the radio or with his uncle's band which played huge block parties in the suburbs of San Diego.


Because of the constant musical influence he showed a deep curiosity tand interest in playing muiscal instruments. Not wanting to ask for lessons, he, like Prince, learned how to play musical insturments himself, learning drums on an old drum kit in the garage, and piano on his grandmothers piano. He played drums in a high school band and also sung in the choir. After high school he took a step back from music to raise a family and start a career in the medical field. However, music never left his soul and after 20 years, the passion to get back into music was burning deep and had to come out...this time, there are no more step backs.

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